About me

My love of art and crafting came first and foremost from my family.  My Grandmama on my dad’s side was an amazing artist and most of the paintings in my house are from her.  She also did ceramics, so my love of ceramics started there.  My Grandmother on my mom’s side sewed, crocheted, tatted, grew her own vegetables and did her own canning.  My mom taught me so many things, including sewing, cooking and embroidering. I’m just touching the surface on all their immense talents!  My brother and sister inherited my Grandmama’s artistic abilities and I love their ability to draw, paint and do sculpture – again, among many other things.  My talents went another way and I love creating jewelry, crocheting, sewing and ceramics – to name a few.  I love to learn and create and especially love to incorporate beads and crocheting together.


I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM.  Anyone who has visited the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) knows that it is just that – enchanting!  There is an immense diversity in the state.  I had the privilege to be raised in a household where there were no limits to what we could accomplish.  Our mom and dad saw that we had everything that we needed. We got to go hiking in the mountains, skiing, camping, water skiing in Lake Powell in the summers, and my uncle and cousins in Cortez, Colorado taught me how to ride horses and do barrel racing.  We moved to the ‘other side of the mountain’ when I was a sophomore in high school, where we were able to have horses.  When my oldest daughter was born, I needed to know that I was ready for anything, and so I became an EMT and volunteer firefighter.


My life has been incredibly blessed and I have 2 beautiful daughters, one ‘step’ daughter and ‘step’ son, and my amazing and wonderful grandchildren and sons-in-law.  My mom continues to be my best friend, along with my brother and sister.  My dad passed away several years ago, but I am blessed to have a wonderful stepfather, who came into my life when I was twelve.   I love animals, currently have 3 dogs and love to go horseback riding whenever possible.


Being creative and creating is an integral part of my life, as well as being prepared.  I love to “MacGyver” things!  Sitting down to create something new is so peaceful and fulfilling.  It’s also important to me to share and hand down the legacy that was granted to me by my grandparents, parents and family. I am helped in this regard by my Aunt Deanie, who is quite accomplished in her own right as well as being the historian of the family.


My encouragement to everyone is to keep your minds open to the wonder and beauty around you, and think about ways to use your talents for the betterment of all!

- Karen